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As well as performing, I am able to offer young people's workshops for your festival, school, youth group, or holiday club either based around songwriting or tailored to a theme from your curriculum such as sea-shanties or cowboy songs. Please drop me a line for further details.


Songwriting Workshops

I usually deliver songwriting workshops with my colleague Helena. We are both experienced music leaders in school, youth group & care-home environments as well as working performers, with full DBS certificates.

We’ll play some musical games and then help your group to write a song on a subject of your choosing. Along the way, we’ll explore rhythm, tempo, chords & lyric writing and at the end, the children will have a chance to record their song, which we’ll email to you afterwards.
We want kids to have fun & enjoy music as much as we do. As well as helping them to understand music our workshop is a great way to get them working together towards a common goal.

We can deliver at holiday clubs, festivals, or any other location of your choice.  All we need is an indoor space & some kids, we’ll bring everything else.

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